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Tom Riddle X Reader V2: Part13: Vulnerability
As soon as you walked into the library you noticed that Tom went to his usual, quiet spot to read. He was the only one sitting, reading a book. In between two giant bookshelves, there was a table for two. One chair opposing the other. That was the smallest table he could get. It was right next to a small window which let in some shimmering sunlight, however, the library seemed as dim as it is during the night.
You picked out a book called “Founders of Hogwarts: Origin” while still holding onto the cups filled with purple liquid – one juice and one potion, you approached Tom and without his agreement you sat down directly in front of him.
He picked up his nose from the book and stared at you in confusion.
Before he could say a word, you stretched out a cup “I believe we got off on the wrong side, here’s a drink. On me.” – you smile, trying to sell out and deceive the deceiver.
He raised an eyebrow and with a bothered expression, he took the cup
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Tom Riddle X Reader V2: Part12: Defiant
Wednesday early morning you woke up later than anyone else. Outside the Gryffindor common area there were a lot of students, squashed like sardines on the staircase who’d been walking down to their own classes, it seemed like everybody was late. However, it was so cramped that it would take you 10 minutes just to get down one staircase. Annoyed, aware of how late you’ll be, you casted a transfiguration spell on a book in your hands and turned it into a skateboard. Instantly, you jumped on it and began to slide down the handrails, carefully avoiding every hand and balancing yourself so you don’t fall into the dark bottom of the school. Students on the stairs glanced at you in amazement. As soon as you were down at the floor, you looked back to see people admiring your bravery.
“How did you do that?” – you heard a nearby Hufflepuff student shout at you
“Magic” – you winked.
Among the students who’d been admiring you, one face st
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 5 6
Tom Riddle X Reader V2: Part11: Severus Snape
Monday after school Lily arranged a meeting between you and Severus in the library as the idea was to study for potions. She introduced you two and left. Snape looked uncomfortable but you knew he was doing it for no other than Lily, who you knew he loved deeply.
Shortly, the two of you sat quietly, reading books about potions in the quietest part of the library, in between two colossal bookshelves.
“So…”- you glance from your book to Snape “You uh… a part of Tom Riddle’s secret club?”
Suddenly, as if hearing shocking news, he looks up from his book and gazes you straight into your eyes “How do you know about that?”
“It’s not that hard to find out about.”
Snape lowers his eyesight “I know nothing”
“If you didn’t know anything you wouldn’t have reacted like that” - Seeing as he doesn’t answer you proceed to talk “I want in”
Severus sneers “You must be very
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Tom Riddle X Reader V2: Part10: Sirius Black
Sunday afternoon you went to the courtyard not for Tom Riddle but to have some time to yourself. You sat down on the grass, listening to the birds silently chirping as the breeze slowly whirled your hair. In and out you breathed the fresh air.
Tom wasn’t in his usual spot, but instead, a couple feet away from that tree there was a boy glancing with a smile from time to time at you. It was the same boy who you met and sit next to in the transfiguration class – Sirius Black.
You recall seeing him the day before as your group had the picnic. Sirius was hanging out with him and his group – Lupin, James and Peter.
Of course, Sirius had a fan base of his own, just like Tom Riddle, Sirius was surrounded by groups of girls who would admire him. And just like Tom, Sirius seemed to ignore them.
Keeping his distance, he sat alone on the grass, against the wall just admiring you. He noticed you noticed his glances so he burst out a big smile, a delightful smile.
You couldn’
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 6 0
Tom Riddle X Reader V2: Part9: Library
Back at the girls Gryffindor area Lily began to question your motives. You assured her that the animals going out of control was just an accident and a pure coincidence.
“Alright…” – she said, obviously with still a huge lack of belief in your words.
The rest of the time you spent getting to know one another even more, which brought your friendship a lot closer not just with Lily but with other girls as well.
Late Saturday night you decided to stroll through the famous library of Hogwarts, in search for books about the dark arts. Not because you had any interest in it but because you decided to study more on something you’re up against.
The library had only few students sitting here and there, quietly reading. On each table stood a glowing lantern, which was the only sources of light.
To you it looked stunning. You enjoyed any lights lit during night time, they always made any place cosy.
Eventually, you approached a very quiet section of the library, ther
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 5 3
Tom Riddle X Reader V2: Part8: Meet Tom
Molly, Lily and Mary all sat down on the cloth, reaching for various foods and drinks. The rabbit silently laid on Lily’s lap as you slowly sat down with the snake on your body.
Sneakily you took glances at Tom to see if he had moved but he hasn’t. You knew he wouldn’t stay there forever and so you had to think of the plan asap.
You hated to do this but you had to. Secretly, you held your wand without anyone noticing you casted the spell on the little bunny. You turned it into a prey as its fear attracted the deadly creature. The spell made the rabbit run like a madman, it hopped off Lily’s lap which startled everyone, including the snake. And so, you put your bunny at risk as you did not even attempt to stop the snake that stormed off your body and chased after the rabbit. Lily and the other girls got up, incredibly stressed.
“I’ll take care of it” – you quickly get up and chase after the snake that was chasing the white rabbit.
And just
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 6 5
Tom Riddle X Reader V2: Part7: New Pets
Saturday morning you and Lily dressed back into your normal, muggle clothes and went off to Diagon alley for supplies.
“Here you can find all the best stuff, trust me” – Lily hopped cheerfully
“I trust you” – you smile at her
“So what do you want to get first? Books? A Broomstick? a Cauldron?”
“A pet”
“A pet?” – suddenly her voice gets higher “Alright, Hogwarts allows a choice between an owl, a toad or a cat, which one are you going for?”
“A snake”
“A snake?!” – Lily widens her eyes “Did you not hear the selection that Hogwarts allows?”
“Oh please, if they didn’t allow any other pet there wouldn’t be a boy called Hagrid from the younger year running around with a spider”
“Don’t worry” – you shake your head “I also want to get a rabbit”
“A rabbit?” – she looks e
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 4 3
Tom Riddle X Reader V2: Part6: Lunch
Lily was as glad to leave the class as you were. Which was quite of a contradiction because you loved the teacher but the classes themselves you don’t miss as they used to tire you out. A lot.
Lily nicely invited to have lunch with her, Molly and Mary but you kindly refused, aware that you’ll have to study your target.
And so you set off after Tom, keeping quite of a distance, strolling behind him, following his every step. He was walking down along with some of his friends. Well, more like companions as he didn’t appreciate friendships. The people beside him were clearly the people who stood by him later on in the fight as death eaters. You’ve seen their faces before. It was the same blonde haired man as you saw earlier in potions class on left side of Tom – a Malfoy. The other boy strolling on the right side of Tom went by the name of Avery. That boy also possessed questionably bright hair, not as bright as a Malfoy’s. And then in the middle we had
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 5 7
Tom Riddle X Reader V2: Part5: Surroundings
You sat through double lesson of Charms, didn’t really learn anything new. To you it was like revision. You spent most of your second lesson of charms brainstorming possible ways of introduction.
Next lesson was potions. Taught by no other but Horace Slughorn – someone you’ve already been familiar with but he was no longer familiar with you just like Albus Dumbledore.
However, not all houses were going to the same lesson from set 1. Only Slytherin and Gryffindor attended Slughorn’s lesson while Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw went to Transifguration. Then, the lesson after, Gryffindor and Slytherin will have to go to Transfiguration and Ravenclaw along with Hufflepuff will have to come in for Potions.
You and Lilly split with Molly and Mary to attend the potions classroom
Slughorn welcomed you warmly “Ah, you must be !”
“Yes sir” – you smile. You loved this teacher, he has always been nice to you. It was a shame that you had to start over
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 5 7
Tom Riddle X Reader V2: Part4: Target
“Ah!” – You saw an old man at the end of the room “I’d assume you’re ” – he waved his hand in a motion of bringing you forward “That’s right, come in, don’t be shy”
You slowly began to walk forward, glancing from face to face you noticed how observant other people were towards you. The only person you recognised was very guilty looking Lily, her expression implied that she felt sorry for you and felt bad herself.
The seating in the room was horrible. There were four very long rows. On the right side of the room sat House Ravenclaw, right next to the wall, the whole row belonged to them. In front of them, in the first row was seated house Gryffindor. Facing the other side (left side of the row) in the first row was seated house Slytherin and behind them house Hufflepuff. Therefore house Gryffindor was face to face with house Slytherin, the only thing that split them up was the pathway you were walking on.
When you f
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 5 8
Tom Riddle X Reader V2: Part3: New Friends
The following morning had made you incredibly anxious. You woke up to not one but three other strangers in the room. You could hear them talk to each other.
One of them was alarmed by you rising up from your bed “Oh hi there!” - You were startled so you turned to see a pretty girl, young with perfect, medium length ginger hair smiling at you, sitting on a bed to your right “You’re new here, yes?”
Noticing how all three of the girls were inspecting you, you nod. All you could think about was how awkward it was and how much you hated it.
“Oh that’s cool. My name’s Lilly Evans” – she smiles then points at the bed on her other side “This is Mary Macdonald” – the girl she pointed out smiles and waves, then Lily proceeds to introduce “And the one next to her or the one on your left is Molly Prewett” – that girl also smiled and waved, you noticed that she also had red hair.
You smiled at all of the
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 6 0
Tom Riddle X Reader V2: Part2: A Fresh start
Your new style drenched robes didn’t belong with the surroundings, as you walked down the hallways you realised that people were looking you up and down. Thankfully you had hidden the necklace on your neck underneath your shirt. In only minutes you had already filled out your application form for Hogwarts. Seeing your perfectly formed “grades” from “llvermorny”, you were immediately accepted by the Headmaster himself. Who wasn’t Albus Dumbledore at the time, because Albus was just a teacher.
You recognised Armando from a portrait you’ve seen stand in Dumbledore’s future office
The principal congratulated you and welcomed you by giving a handshake. His name was Armando Dippet. An old but wise wizard who has already been over the age of 300 years old.
Acknowledging your intelligence, he must have had a lot of faith in you as he stated that they usually do not allow new students until the new school year, however, since it’s only been
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 5 2
Tom Riddle X Reader V2: Part1: When Albus Calls

It was a cold and dark night. The outside was full of thickly formed puddles from the heavy rain. Your black satchel laid upon your shoulders as your drenched dark robes clothed you inside the warm office of Albus Dumbledore. A hot tea cup in your hands spread the aroma as you found yourself peacefully chatting to the man, just the two of you.
“Why me?” – you raise your eyebrow
“20 years of studying the d
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 71 0
Yondu Guardians of the galaxy by BraveMoonGirl Yondu Guardians of the galaxy :iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 3 0 Yondu Guardians of the galaxy by BraveMoonGirl Yondu Guardians of the galaxy :iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 2 0 Yondu Guardians of the galaxy by BraveMoonGirl Yondu Guardians of the galaxy :iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 1 0
Have fun at my gallery!!


Rage by eleathyra Rage :iconeleathyra:eleathyra 1,206 142 Loki by cypritree Loki :iconcypritree:cypritree 803 30 Loki - Avengers by johnsonting Loki - Avengers :iconjohnsonting:johnsonting 7,550 357 Skyline 4K #Daily 7 by Ellysiumn Skyline 4K #Daily 7 :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,588 120 Rapunzel by Dim-Draws Rapunzel :icondim-draws:Dim-Draws 32 0 Thanos the Mad Titan by RedneckSamura1 Thanos the Mad Titan :iconrednecksamura1:RedneckSamura1 54 9 Captain VS Thanos by SonnizzleArt Captain VS Thanos :iconsonnizzleart:SonnizzleArt 50 6 Scarlet Witch-final by zingco Scarlet Witch-final :iconzingco:zingco 50 1 Deadpool 2 by djm106 Deadpool 2 :icondjm106:djm106 37 1 Thanos by saadirfan Thanos :iconsaadirfan:saadirfan 69 3 Loki by Yu-koi Loki :iconyu-koi:Yu-koi 42 7 Aurora Princess by TinyTruc Aurora Princess :icontinytruc:TinyTruc 335 31 Pirates of the Caribbean by JosephQiuArt Pirates of the Caribbean :iconjosephqiuart:JosephQiuArt 147 14 Battle on Planet Namek by bigmac996 Battle on Planet Namek :iconbigmac996:bigmac996 164 8 Avengers:Infinity War by artnerdx Avengers:Infinity War :iconartnerdx:artnerdx 149 11 Joker by maruhana-bachi Joker :iconmaruhana-bachi:maruhana-bachi 149 4
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Will call was on Friday, thankfully I went because of the lines for it the next day. It started to rain So thankfully I brought a walking dead hoodie with me and we had to wait about 2 hours to get my grand admission 2 day tickets and photo op for Norman Reedus (Daryl). Already saw someone cosplay as Andrew Lincoln (Rick) who fooled quite a lot of people as most of them started taking pictures with him and shouting out "Andrew".

Line on Saturday was INSANELY long, 12,000 people lined up. Imagine an airport passport control right before you aboard, them lines make you annoyed because of walking left, right, left, right and so on due to the barriers. Arrived at about 9:30, meaning only VIP, GOLD and PLATINUM tickets were allowed in first as grand admission are only being let in at 10:30. However, due to so many people lined up for GA, had to wait about 3 hours to get into the building, which I didn't mind to be honest because I was way too excite for my first time at the convention. Some people dressed as walker started walking around and scaring people in lines. Once I turned around and a walker was staring right at my face up close, I slightly jumped and smiled to myself.
Some people, after waiting hours in the line were turned out and were not let in due to them wearing bags that exceeded the allowance, for example only see through backpacks were allowed, only handbags and tote bags or any other small bags that you can just open and right away see what's in there were allowed. Therefore people with normal backpacks were not let in. I got annoyed at the fact that they started complaining about it, considering it literally tells you what you can't and can bring to the convention.

Right as soon as I got in I went to see a few panels, which included Khary and Cooper (Ezekiel and his helper who's name I forgot). They both are funny people, surely made me laugh a couple times along with the audience. Since it was Cooper's birthday, the audience sang happy birthday to him along with khary. Then. Khary started talking about how people didn't care in the show when his men died, but when the tiger died everyone suddenly got shocked and sad. Ezekiel and shiva walking dead Ezekiel and Carol walking dead 

After that, all GA fans were forced to exit the panel and re-exit for the next one which would start in 10 minutes. Meaning, if you got a good seat you'll have to abandon it for the next panel. And due to the line up there is a higher chance of someone else taking that good seat because of the people closer to the exit who get to the line up faster, and those seats are further away from the stage, meaning you'll be further away from the stage than you already were before unless you manage to line up before the panel ends. Besides, right after a panel, it is very crowded so hard to squeeze through to be in the first line for the upcoming panels.

Next panel I saw included Pollyanna (Jadis) Simon and Jadis - Icon , Austin (Dwight), Steven (Simon) and Steven (Nicholas). It was also a really funny panel, Simon and Nicholas had a really good sense of humour. The crowd especially loved Steven Ogg (Simon). The interviewer asked the audience which one is the most likely to rive over the seasons and the audience mostly cheered for Simon and the saviours, but when it came to Nicholas, Nicholas cheered for himself along with some of the audience, which made it even more funny, considering Nicholas never had an army.

Afterwards, I looked around Olympia, there was a walker maze charging people £5 per entrance per person. There were a lot of stalls that sold merchandise, not just Walking Dead but also Game of thrones, Guardians of the galaxy, Avengers, Stranger things, Annabelle, Chucky and etc. The stuff was a lot cheaper (surprisingly) than what you'd pay in a local comic book store. For example, everywhere I've seen, even online, Daryl pop vinyl figures are £15-20, but in the event, it only cost £10. People were selling all kinds of stuff, jewellery, Lucilles, Daryl's crossbows, giant groots, annabelles in many sizes, talking chukies, keychains, clothes, posters and anything else you'd expect from a comic book store with extra.

However, do not buy food or drinks at the event, it's not worth it, bring your own as a small bottle of water costs £2.50.

I made friends with this lady in the que for Norman Reedus (Daryl) Daryl Dixon - Icon Daryl Dixon - Icon Daryl Dixon - Icon , we started talking about him, how sweet he is and etc. Then spoke about supernatural and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), about his part in it as John Winchester. Saw Norman act like a diva and get out of his photo op tent then get back in 2 minutes later after he was done making a small circle around the fans.

For the photo op on Saturday, I was group C, so the photo op was at 4pm for me. Norman called me cutie as he stretched out his arm for a side hug to pose for the photo. He said "Awh, you alright, cutie?" before the picture was taken. I said "Can't wait for death stranding" and after it was taken he replied "It will be good, it will be amazing". Shame I could only say a sentence due to the fans having to come in, get a photo taken and get out. I would have wanted an autograph from him just so I could have spoken to him more, however, if you haven't bought it previously, only GOLD and PLATINUM have access to it (For cash sales). Then VIP and only then GA. But it would of been worth it for whatever the price would of been because I would of preferred to talk to him for 2 minutes instead of 2 seconds like I did. I paid £120 for the photo and do not regret it, I love the way it turned out and just being next to him was a great experience, considering he's been my favourite actor for about 4 years now. I also remember how nice he smelled :D as if he sprayed 5+ bottles on himself.

I saw Jeffrey (Negan) Olivia and Negan (Slap) - Icon Negan - Icon Negan - Icon briefly, hugging a fan. Was Interesting to see him in real life.

On Sunday the lines were quite faster but just because I arrived at 10:30 which was already the time when they began to let people in. This time I only had to wait about 1 hour and 30 minutes because of the faster moving lines than Saturday where we had to wait a lot. Before I got into the loooong line, the security checked for deodorants, which were not allowed apparently and other stuff like usual (e.g. weapons, harmful liquids and etc.). Took a look down at the security's table and saw a huge stash of deodorants, like oh wow, a lot of walking dead fans bring that stuff to the convention. As soon as they check your bag they put on a sticker around a handle as an approval.

If you want to go to the toilet - good luck. Just don't ask, just good luck.

I met Tom Payne (Jesus) Jesus walking dead Jesus walking dead Jesus walking dead  on that very day. We said hi, then hugged then he asked me where I was from, after I answered, I gave him my phone and asked him if we could take serious and silly selfies. He took like 6 when I expected him to only take a few. I think it was worth it considering I paid £40 for it. He was a really nice guy. Then I asked if jesus was gay and he answered "yes", I said "Is he actually?" and he reassured "yep" then I said "Cuz I ship him and Daryl" so he joked saying "Fingers crossed". 
Anyways, I already saw the difference in how much time you get when you're in a photo op (seconds) and when you're in a line for autographs/selfies (minutes).
In the line for Tom Payne I saw a pair of cos-players, one as Jesus and the other as Clementine Clem Epic face 

After that, I watched a panel with Michael Rooker (Merle) Merle walking dead zombified Merle walking dead Merle walking dead , which was also very entertaining, he spoke about Black Ops and his role in GOTG (Yondu).  POP! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 - Yondu Yondu Guardians of the galaxy Yondu Guardians of the galaxy Yondu Guardians of the galaxy 

As I went upstairs I passed Steven Ogg (Simon) Simon - Icon Simon - Icon Simon you got a pen emoticon  without even realising. I so badly wanted to say that he had ONE job, Spoilers to kill one and he killed everyone but one. But oh well, was nice enough.

Next year I promised myself to get at least VIP tickets so I could skip the lines and enter 1 hour early (9:30 instead of 10:30).

P.S. The actors seemed quite short in reality :D and throughout the whole comic con, only saw people cosplay as Negan, Carl, Rick, Rosita, Jesus, Clementine, Walkers, Carol - but none as Daryl haha.

Daryl Dixon - Icon TWD - Icon Daryl finger licking good Olivia and Negan (Slap) - Icon the walking dead  gif glenn Negan, Carl, Shiva - Icon Happy Clem Carl Grimes - Icon the walking dead  gif glenn Dwight Thingy the walking dead  gif glenn 


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